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DBS is a Dutch firm active in shipping
for over 25 years


Ron De Bree (Dutch)


Qingdao relocation services is a division of the "DBS Group" of the Netherlands.
Moving from Qingdao, which was probably a temporary home where you brought your belongings and possibly gathered more, is a big step. Corporate executives with their families, teaching staff of all levels and charity workers alike, once we all need to prepare for going back home or elsewhere and we all want to do this with the least hassle. Moreover you expect to pay a fair price for a decent and transparent service, and not being taken advantage of as you lack the time or experience to arrange your relocation.
You can expect from DBS that we help you through the preliminary phase step by step, and we consider the documentation side in both China and overseas as important as the seamless service we provide in packing and shipping your valuables.
With 25 years of practical experience in the global shipping industry we offer you a helping hand where it is needed.
To cover for eventualities DBS offers her clients professional marine insurance cover via the Dutch insurance market, so that you are in the best hands if - against all odds - something goes wrong.
The use of Qingdao Relocation Services is a 'one stop shopping concept' not to be missed.
"Moving expats, by expats"

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