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Run by Qingdao expats for Qingdao expats

DBS is a Dutch firm active in shipping
for over 25 years


Ron De Bree (Dutch)


Qingdao relocation services is a division of the "DBS Group" of the Netherlands.
Our activities are controlled from our office in the centre of the business district of Qingdao yet we take pride in offering a personalized service to our clients in visits them at home and take sufficient time to discuss and explain the specifies of your planned move. This way the clients get to share our know-how and expertise as well as previous moving experiences from fellow-expats.
Our company is liaised with over 1200 offices in more than 150 countries worldwide and global team looks after you till the last box is unpacked in your home overseas or your new post.
This large group ready for you in any conceivable country overseas adapts to worldwide standards and offers unparalleled international relocation experience for all wallets.


"Moving expats, by expats"

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