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Run by Qingdao expats for Qingdao expats

DBS is a Dutch firm active in shipping
for over 25 years


Ron De Bree (Dutch)

About us

Qingdao relocation services is a division of the "DBS Group" of the Netherlands.
Our office ran by expats as well as a great team of local Chinese staff specializes in arranging and providing all shipping and logistic services for anyone leaving China either going back home or relocating to another post overseas.
DBS provides all sorts of packing and wrapping materials enabling the client to pre-pack whatever is considered best to be done at home, and trained personnel is available to assist the clients at any given time.
Our vast experience and in depth know-how allows us to inform customers, in their own language, of the Chinese customs laws and which documents are needed thus guaranteeing a hassle-free exit from China. Our customs specialists lodge this with the port customs office on the clients’ behalf - all is a one stop shopping concept. From the comfort of your sofa - once also to be moved - all issues can and will be dealt with in a relaxed atmosphere as DBS will not add to the relocation stress.
These personal services, which do not end when the truck leaves your premises or the container is sealed in your presence, extend itself to the country of destination. Our overseas offices, also specialized in handling household goods, will contribute and advise all the necessary rules and regulations applicable for you to clear your goods through customs once it arrives at its destination. Under no circumstances do our services end once the goods leave China, but more importantly we cover the entire range of the relocation service.
Whilst the majority of our clients ship their valuables by sea, air services are also provided if and when the clients so choose just say the word. Once our specialists visit your home the cost assessment will be made and an extensive and a detailed offer will be submitted within a very short period of time. This offer will be made in the English language and consists of several pages with information sheets about the procedures to be followed.

Our main focus of attention is to provide a personalized service by:


"Moving expats, by expats"

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